Two incidents raised by Duterte to justify martial law in Mindanao were proven false | Fight for Truth
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Two incidents raised by Duterte to justify martial law in Mindanao were proven false

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Two of the incidents raised by President Rodrigo Duterte to justify martial law declaration in Mindanao were proven false.

Duterte told that Amai Pakpak Medical Center in Marawi City was taken over by Maute terrorist group last Tuesday, May 23.

The incident was also written in the Proclamation No. 216, s. 2017 declaring martial law in Mindanao.

“Last May [23], the same Maute terrorist group has taken over a hospital in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur…” Duterte said.

The medical chief of the hospital, however, dismissed the reports that it was taken over by terrorists.

“There was no hostage taking. They were not able to raise any ISIS flag in this area,” Dr. Amer Saber said in a report by GMA News.

The President also said that the chief of police of Malabang town was beheaded by Maute terrorists.

“Pero ‘yung chief of police ng Malabang, he was in Marawi City, pag-uwi niya going back home, this was stopped by a checkpoint that was manned by the terrorist. And I think they were decapitated right there and then,” Duterte said.

It was proven untrue when Senior Insp. Romeo Enriquez, the Malabang police chief, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer through phone that he is still alive.

“I’m still alive,” Enriquez said.

Enriquez told Inquirer that one of the slain police officers during the Marawi clash was his predecessor, Senior Insp. Freddie Manuel Solar. The former Malabang police chief was shot, not beheaded by Maute fighters.

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